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Embark on a delightful journey of discovery with K9 Off Leash on Instagram (@k9offleash) and TikTok (k9trainingmiami), where we bring you an array of engaging and educational dog training content. Dive into our ‘highlights’ and tailor your experience by selecting the type of training you’re interested in, from private classes to service dog training and more. Our collection boasts thousands of videos, each thoughtfully categorized for your convenience. Our posts are crafted not just to inform but also to entertain, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for all our followers. Stay connected with us for your daily dose of canine charm and expert training tips!

When they give you rules 🐶😳 check out these funny pictures of “dogs in a bag” in NYC 😂 follow@us for more @k9offleash #dogsofinstagram #funnydogs #dogsofnyc #funny


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Sam W.

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We LoveK9 Off Leash!

Sam W. April 6, 2027

5 Stars! Amazing!

Melissa R. May 23, 2022

Wonderful job on my dog Kelly.

Miguel M. March 26, 2021

I will 100% return! Thank You so Much!

Steven J. November 24, 2020

Thank You!!!!

Wendy N. September 22, 2020

What a great job they did with my dog Max! Thank you so much Laura!

Mike V. January 15, 2020

Thank you so much for helping me with Lulu.

Inga H. October 18, 2019

Great Job!

Kevin C. August 24, 2018

I still cannot believe how calm my chihuahua is now. Taco is well behaved and there is a lot less barking.

Susan D. October 21, 2016