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K9 Off Leash proudly extends its helping paw to the community, embodying a spirit of generosity and commitment. With a heart for service, we dedicate ourselves to supporting veterans and canine units, among other community initiatives. Our belief is strong: dogs have the power to make the world a brighter, more loving place. Through our efforts, K9 Off Leash is devoted to sharing this love and positivity, furthering the incredible impact that dogs have in enriching lives and communities.

K9 Knights

K9 Off Leash is honored to be a part of the Miami Beach K9 Knights, a noble and altruistic non-profit organization. This group is composed of committed individuals who are dedicated to a remarkable cause: providing trained dogs to the Miami Beach Police Department’s K9 Squad. Through this collaboration, K9 Off Leash actively contributes to enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of the K9 unit, thereby playing a pivotal role in supporting law enforcement efforts and community safety. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to giving back and making a meaningful difference in the community.


At K9 Off Leash, we hold a deep commitment to supporting our veterans, recognizing the immense sacrifices they have made for our nation. With a focused effort, we strive to provide employment opportunities to as many veterans as possible, valuing the unique skills and experiences they bring to our team. In addition, we are actively engaged in organizing fundraisers to support the training of PTSD service dogs. These specially trained dogs will be donated to veterans in need, offering them companionship and support as they navigate the challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder. Our initiatives are a small token of gratitude and a way to give back to those who have given so much, reflecting our dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of our veterans.

Miami Dade K-9 Unit

K9 Off Leash takes immense pride in being a cherished second home for the canine heroes of the Miami Dade K-9 Unit. Our facility offers a nurturing and supportive environment where these diligent dogs can find comfort and care. We recognize the vital role these dogs play in maintaining safety and order in our community, and we are honored to provide them with a space that is not just a place of rest, but a haven of warmth and affection. Our commitment to these canine officers reflects our deep respect and appreciation for their service.

K-9 Education

K9 Off Leash passionately engages with the community through educational initiatives. We have had the delightful opportunity to interact with the young, inquisitive minds at Miami Country Day School, offering a hands-on and informative session about the vital role of service dogs. This educational demonstration was more than just a class; it was an immersive experience designed to enlighten the students about the remarkable capabilities and contributions of service dogs in our society. Our involvement in such educational activities reflects our dedication to spreading awareness and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of these incredible animals in our community.


Are you moved to contribute to a meaningful cause? Whether it’s making a donation to support our initiatives, participating in one of our community events, or if you have a suggestion on how we can extend a helping paw, we warmly invite you to get in touch. Your involvement makes a significant difference, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to make a positive impact. Reach out to us – together, let’s continue making strides in supporting those in need, both within our community and beyond.


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